Monday, March 12, 2012

The Heritage of the Hollister Ranch

The Heritage of the Hollister Ranch
"The Hollister Ranch is located in a unique part of the world, a 14,600-acre stretch of coastal California that has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries. It comprises 136 parcels, overlaid by a single cattle operation managed by the Hollister Ranch Cooperative. More than 98% of the land is designated to remain as open space.

"The Ranch and adjacent shoreline is a preserve of wildlife, diverse botanical resources, and thriving intertidal sea life, containing flora and fauna from northern and southern bio-regions, in addition to several species found nowhere else.

"It is impossible to be at the Ranch and not be aware of its compelling beauty. Gnarled old oak and sycamore trees living along its creeks and canyons, and a visitor from the distance past would recognize the shadowed faces of the hills. The survival of the Ranch is a miracle of sorts, helped along the way by wise land use decisions, responsible stewardship, cooperative effort, and a good deal of luck. It is a legacy that inspires gratitude and respect, and it is the foundation upon which our diverse community is built."

—From a Hollister Ranch Design Committee brochure.
For more information and photos, check out our friend Rick Sawyer's real estate site:

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